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• The following are questions frequently asked by visitors to the Perak Government Official Portal. For further enquiries, please contact us at 05-2095194 (Corporate Division) for assistance or email us at webadmin@perak.gov.my

No personal details are recorded when you surf the Portal except when you submit information via email or register at the Archives. For further information, please see ‘Privacy Policy’ at the bottom of each page.

The Portal is accessible to everyone. However, certain information and services may require you to register as a member.

The Portal is an effective official medium that gives information and service to the people online. It contains information regarding the state’s history, government, administration, government administrative machinery, online applications, as well as the latest information that can be delivered to the people as notification and reference.

Based on Section 134 of the 1976 Local Government Act, assessment may be exempted if the property or part of the property is used solely:
- As a public place of worship
- As a public cemetery or licensed public crematorium
- For a public school
- As a public place for charitable purposes, or for science, literature or fine arts purposes, - and not for profit-making. The State Authority may at its own discretion exempt the property or any parts of it from any rates.

The public can view the Annual Financial Statement after it has been tabled and approved by the State Legislative Assembly each year and has been gazetted.

The company has to register with the Ministry of Finance (MoF) to enable it to participate in a tender project/quotation for supply of services/goods under a relevant code. For companies interested in tenders/quotations for works, they are to be registered with the PKK (Contractor Services Centre) and the CIDB (Construction Industry Development Board) in the relevant heading/class/grade.

The application must be made through the District and Land Office with a RM5.00 Postal Order. The State Authority will process the application within 3 weeks

  • The applicant can apply for an Auctioneer’s Licence by filling in the relevant forms available at the Local Government Division.
  • The applicant is then required to sit for a Perak Auctioneer’s examination.
  • The successful candidate will be called for an interview.
  • The candidate who passes the interview will receive an approval letter and is required to pay RM10.00 by way of postal order for process of application.
  • The Auctioneer’s Licence is valid for one year only and after the expiry date, the applicant is required to renew this licence.

The owner may submit a written application to the Local Authority where the property is held and enclose copies of documents such as the title deed, financial statement and others. Exemption from assessment for any qualified property under the Local Government Act is determined by the State Authority after receiving the report from the relevant Local Authority


The advantages of OSC Online for the applicant are:-

  • More efficient submission
  • Less paper usage
  • Self-monitoring
  • Direct communication with the authority
  • Accessible anywhere, anytime

The main revenue collected by the Local Authority is the assessment which contributes 70% to the overall revenue of PBT besides per capita contribution, rents and contributions received from the state and federal governments

OSC online is a new way to process submission proposals i.e. an electronic system responsible for submitting and processing applications where it can be monitored. It is also an electronic platform to obtain information and a two-way communication for such related information with a tracking system.

All works below RM200,000.00 are only for Class ‘F’ Bumiputera contractors who are registered with PKK under the relevant Section and Sub-section. The registration of a Class F contractor is according to districts and as such only the contractors of the relevant districts are offered works costing below RM200,000.00


The assessment by the Local Authority must first be approved by the State Authority according to section 127 of the 1976 Local Government Act. The enforcement period of the assessment is 12 months.

They are suitably qualified people who submit applications to PBT in accordance with the provisions of the relevant Acts, such as architects, engineers, planners and land surveyors. The applicants can register with KPKT where registration is only required one time i.e. single sign on concept, and then send it to the relevant PBT web site. However, the tracking of each PBT is different as they have their own planning authority, and thus each one will create its individual user word and password. The applicants must use both the user and password when dealing with the relevant PBT.

Yes, EXCEPT the complaint of ;


  • Government policies
  • The matters under the jurisdiction of the Public Accounts Committee
  • Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC)
  • Legal Aid Bureau

Yes you may, with the consent of the complainant.

Yes you may, if the matter is of public interest (Whistleblower) as the absence of police posts, bridges.

  • By phone
  • By Mail
  • Fax
  • Perak portal website (Sistem Aduan)
  • Walk in to the Corporate Division, Office of the State Secretary of Perak

All complaints regarding the actions and decisions of government agencies that he felt was not fair and not within the prescribed legal.

  • Complaints Unit will send a Letter of Acceptance to the complainant
  • Provide feedback to the complainant after the complaint status
  • Complaints involving the public interest will be brought to the meeting.
  • Complaints regarding delay / no action
  • Unfair action
  • Lack of public facilities
  • Abuse of power / misappropriation that are not meant to be profitable
  • Misconduct of public
  • Failure to follow procedures
  • Failure enforcement
  • Quality of service is not satisfactory
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