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Perak State Secretariat Client Charter

We pledge to provide quality service as follows:


To forward application results and project proposals duly completed within three (3) months.


To provide socio-economic input and suggestions required by other departments/agencies within fourteen (14) working days.


To organise 15 types of official state government functions within a year, meticulously and effectively, according to the regulations and programmes set from time to time.


All payment vouchers which are in order shall be paid within ten (10) days from the date of receipt of duly completed invoices.


All Perak State Government education loan applications duly completed shall be processed and decided upon within five (5) months after the closing date.


To ensure that the State Assembly Sittings are held three (3) times a year.


To ensure that the State Executive Council Meetings are held thirty-six (36) times a year.


To process and forward confirmation of service applications, offer of pension status and extension of probation period to the Perak Public Service Commission within fifteen (15) working days.


To process claims for state government financial allocations in lieu of Federal property assessment payments within ten (10) working days on receipt of duly completed documents from the 17 Local Authorities (including DBKL and MPPP).


To disburse the State 11th Malaysia Plan allocations (P.05) to the local authorities for project implementation/development efficiently and effectively, as well as the issuance of authorisation letters within three (3) days from the date of approval by the project development approval meeting.


To forward complaints received from complainants to the relevant departments/agencies within three (3) working days.


To submit quarterly balanced and independent audit findings/reports to the Audit Committee.


To improve and maintain application systems within thirty (30) days for small-scale systems, sixty (60) days for medium-scale systems and ninety (90) days for large-scale systems.


To repair and maintain PerakNet network within two (2) working days for locations less than 25km from the Perak State Secretariat, and four (4) working days for locations more than 25km from the Perak State Secretariat.


To ensure that applications for financial aid duly completed for participating in tournaments from the State Sports Associations are paid within seven (7) working days from the date of receipt of applications.


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