Monday, 18th November 2019
  • Last Modified: 15 November 2019
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Soalan Lazim Hubungi Kami Maklumbalas Peta Laman


To Be A State Government Administrative Machinery With Integrity And Efficiency For The Well-Being And Prosperity Of The People.


To Enhance Efficiency Of The Government’s Service Delivery To Fulfil The Needs Of The People.


  • To Strengthen The Public Service Delivery System Through Good Corporate Governance, Innovation And Creativity And Customer/People-Friendly Practices.
  • To Improve Socio-Economic Developments To A High, Sustainable, Balanced And Fair Level.
  • To Enhance The Public Service Image As A Premier Service That Prioritises The Client, Proactive And Fast In Resolving The People’s/Clients’ Problems.
What is your view regarding the directional signage in this building?